• 15 Inspirational Design Quotes

    We all get a little lost sometimes, feeling stuck in a creative dead-end. What works best in these situations, is real wisdom, from some of the worlds greatest creative minds! Here is a collection of 15 inspirational design quotes that will help you find your lost motivation and stir up that creative spark! A designer […]

  • svg-why you should start using it now

    SVG, Why You Should Start Using It Now

    Wouldn’t it be great if you could make the logo on your website look nice and sharp no matter the screen size or if it is being viewed on a retina display? Well, guess what. It is possible with SVG, and you should definitely start using it now.   So, what is SVG everyone’s keep […]

  • Knight - Free HTML5 Template

    10 Free HTML5 Responsive Templates

    There are times we all felt the need to boost our inspiration and get our creative juices flowing again. Especially when you are under pressure and you must finish a project as soon as possible. Thankfully, there are many talented web designers and developers out there who have the kindness to create neat HTML5 and CSS3 website […]

  • 50 iOS Line Icons

    [UPDATED] 14 Absolutely Free Icon Sets (PNG, SVG, PSD)

    Who doesn’t love a unique and clean icon set? Icons are vital for any web-related project, because of their ability to support and communicate content in web design in a more intuitive manner. Additionally, icons are a simple, and effective way to grab user’s attention. But creating your own custom icons for each project it’s […]